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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Earn money by online

How can I earn money by online?

Using Google Adsense you can make fast and easy money from the website created by the Step 1. Yes you can put ads similar to your content in your website (called as contextual ads) and make money whenever your visitors clicks on the ads, the amount can range from $0.01 to as much as $5 (Normally on an average you will receive $0.20 per click). You can use Adsense for many other contents also. Each topic will have different range of CPC (Cost Per Click) values. Adsense Check comes to your door step ever month.

Google Adsense Referral policy is one of the best in the industry. They credit $5 to your account when the person you referred earns $5. They credit $250 to your account when the person you referred earns $100 in his first 180 days. Sounds Incredible right, yes imagine you refer 4 of your friends and help them to understand Adsense and make them to earn $100 in one month, then guess what, you will get $1000 that month for helping your friends.

Just by creating one website you can not earn huge money. You should create many websites on many topics to have a constant income. The concept here is, not every website you create will get good rankings in search engines. Hence when you have multiple web pages, then atleast 50% of them will shine in the search engines. Tip - The content should give value for you as well as for the visitors, for example by joining Agloco you will be paid for using their Viewbar. You can also earn money by referring members and friends to Agloco. If you refer 5 persons and they in turn refer 5 perons then you will earn $5000 per month.

How and when will I get money
You will be paid only for the members who finish their Smart Start Course and become a Full Access Affiliate (As per my report 75% of the people joining SFI finish their Smart Start Course. You can see your Click Buck report in My Focus section. You will be paid only after 30 days (this is done to make a cheat proof system). To tell in detail, for example if you have referred 100 persons in Jan, then you will be paid approx $150 in mid of Feb. You can choose your payment method; it can be thru Check, PayPal of thru SFI Cash Card.
Additionally there are many programs in SFI which you can join and make money. You will get many gateway pages to promote when you join SFI, you can put then all in a single website as I do in Work From Home Website. By joining Click Bucks program you will get the rich content you require to create a website

Increase Traffic To Your WebSite. Get Google Adwords
By steps 1 & 2 you have a nice website and two best ways to earn money in the internet. But unless you have traffic to your website you will not earn any money. Normally search engine traffic is considered as healthy traffic, which means you will get visitors who really need something from your website, by which you will also earn money.
You can get some ideas of getting in to search engines in SEO. Normally it takes around 4 to 6 months to get listed in Google. By Joining Google Adwords you can place your ads on Google Search Engine right from day one and get a healthy traffic to your website. You can read Google Cash e-book for effective use of Adwords.
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Traffic Tips for Newbies
As I said earlier search engine traffic is the healthy traffic a website could receive. But as a newbie its very difficult to get search engine traffic, so here I am giving you the best easy ways a newbie can use to bring in reasonable amount of traffic. 1. Forums : Do a Google Search for the forums in your topic, then post a topic or reply to a topic describing about your website in 200 or 300 words and put a link to your website in your signature. You can prepare a common template so that it will be easier and faster for you to add posts. Be careful, never ever sp@m any forum your post should have a meaning. 2. Directories : There are many free directories available in the web. Do a search for it and try to add your url to as much directories as possible. Here also you can prepare a common template for easy and faster addition. 3. Guestbooks : Do a Google Search for guestbooks and add a entry in it. You can have a look at the website which has the guestbook and give a proper comment about the website, like " Nice website on Online Jobs I enjoyed reading it " in the end under your name you can put your website link. 4. Blog Comments : You can do a Blog Search in your topic and add a comment to the blog. Read the blog, understand the blog and then give a comment about the post, and put the link to your website at the end of the comment. By following the above four methods you will get a lot of backlinks to your website, which should bring you enough traffic as a newbie.
Google Adsense Tips & Tricks
I have mentioned Google Adsense as "The Easiest and Fastest way to Earn Money online" but in reality its quite difficult when you start using Adsense, yes for the past two months 99 persons has joined under me in Adsense but only 2 persons has crossed the $5 limit, that means i have got only 2% conversion rate (success rate). That means all these persons dosent knew "something" which I knew, and that "something" is "Tips & Tricks" so here I am giving you free Google Adsense Tips & Tricks
1. Blend your Ads : Make the border and bgcolor of your ads same as website bgcolor. By this way your ad will blend into your website content and you can easily increase your CTR.
2. Monitor : Create URL Channels for all your websites, if possible for each page. This is very important, because to improve your earnings you need to know where you stand on impression, CTR and earnings of each page.3. Ad Placement : Best place to put your ads is TOP of the page. Second best is within the content. If you are using blog you can put your ads in the SIDEBAR. Monitor the CTR of each Ad Units by creating custom channels.4. Focus on one topic : When you create a website always focus on a single topic, not even give links to other websites that dosent fit in your topic. Reason for doing so is, the individual ads appearing in your website will be different than your topic, and "Click on a Ad which is different than your topic will have a very low cost (CPC of $0.01)".5. Use all ad units : As per Adsense terms and conditions you can put 3 Ad units, 1 Link unit and 2 search boxes. Use all of them wisely in all your webpages.6. Donts : a) Never ever click on your own ads. Google will disable your account if you do so. b) Dont try to get traffic from traffic exchanges and autosurfs. c) Always keep an eye on your CTR. Sudden increase in your CTR will raise an alarm to the Google Adsense team to investigate.

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